Overcoming The Obstacles Of IP Targeting

Posted on: 6 February 2020


IP targeting can allow you to target customers for marketing based on their location. However, there are some obstacles that you will have to overcome when trying to target a user with the help of their IP address. 

IP Addresses Aren't Always Correlated

A number in an IP address does not have a specific correlation to a specific location. You cannot determine where a computer is located only by its IP address. Therefore, you'll need help from an IP targeting firm with software that can help you pinpoint the location of your target.

Your advertiser will need to be able to outsource the work to an IP intelligence firm. There may be additional costs associated with this, but it is worthwhile when you are able to increase the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Without the help of IP targeting software, it can be difficult to determine the customer's exact location because some IP addresses can change physical locations each month. With a phone, an IP address can be almost anywhere.

Some Marketers Need to Target More Locally

If you are not too concerned with very local ads, IP targeting can be very effective because it may be acceptable for customers to occasionally see advertisements that are not relevant as long as the advertisements are more targeted than they would normally be. There are other circumstances where it might be less effective. For example, if you are running political ads, they will need to be targeted toward recipients who can actually vote for the candidates.

IP Targeting Is Superior to Other Methods

IP targeting can be much more effective than other methods such as the use of cookies. When you are using cookies, you won't necessarily know that you are targeting actual people, but you are less likely to suffer from ad fraud when you are using IP targeting. You will receive results regarding conversions and sales data so that you can determine if your marketing efforts are achieving an appropriate ROI. 

The Algorithm Makes the Difference

With the right algorithm, it is possible to target many IP addresses to mailing addresses. This allows you to find out exactly who a particular IP address belongs to. You can also market using other methods such as direct mail when you have access to an address. You will be able to look at the street names of those whom you are targeting and the relative distance so that you can determine if it is appropriate to send a particular advertisement.

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