Putting Your Name On It: How Branded Corporate Apparel Can Boost Your Business

Posted on: 28 October 2019


If you've ever admired a colorful shirt, hat or jacket that sports a company's colors and name for all the world to see, then you already understand the potential impact of branded corporate apparel. These items of clothing can make a bigger impact than any pen, mug or coaster even could. Here are just a few of the ways that corporate apparel can raise your brand awareness, company profile, and interest from your target market.

Enhanced Public Visibility

When your brand puts in an appearance at a local trade show, expo or other big event, you don't hesitate to invest in the necessary marketing pieces to make your booth stand out, from table banners and stand-up signage to video displays. So don't neglect some of the most important promotional "real estate" at the event—your employees' chest, backs, and heads. T-shirts or hats featuring your logo and color scheme not only give your display greater visual impact; they also help attendees identify your team members even when they're away from the booth. Better yet, your employees may wear their corporate apparel outside of work hours, placing your brand at the supermarket, library, or wherever else they may visit.

Attractive Gifts for Valued Clients

Corporate clients have gotten increasingly jaded with the same old promotional items over the years. There are only so many pens, cups, or refrigerator magnets that any one person can reasonably be expected to use or get excited about. The recall rate (the rate at which recipients actually remember anything about the company that gave them the items) for promotional products in general is around 76 percent. That's good, but branded corporate apparel does better, with hats and shirts producing an astonishing 85 percent recall rate among recipients. If your budget doesn't allow you to hand out these products to just anybody (despite the price break you may get on a volume purchase), then reserve these items for the most important people on your customer or prospect list.

Improved Employee Morale

Do you remember the first time you put on a uniform for your high-school or college job? You probably felt a sensation of pride, a feeling that you truly belonged to a team. Now that you're running a business team of your own, wouldn't you like those employees to feel the same sense of pride and commitment? Branded corporate apparel can help you make it happen. By investing in shirts, hats, jackets or other forms of personalized clothing, you send the message that you care about your workers, and that you're as proud of them as they are to be working at your company. Improved employee morale means an improved collective work ethic, greater productivity, and higher employee retention levels.

In the world of promotional products, corporate apparel holds a special appeal. Talk to your provider of such custom products to review your options, get some quotes, and start dressing your brand for success!