The Role Of Digital Sales Assistants In Home Marketing

Posted on: 9 January 2019


So, you have decided to set up a home business where you sell lots of products online and out of your home. There are definitely benefits to running your own business this way. However, at some point, you may want to hire a digital sales assistant. A digital home sales assistant is someone who controls and manages your online marketing efforts. In larger companies and corporations, this special type of assistant may be assigned a specific department, and there may be several of these assistants handling online marketing affairs. In an at-home sales environment, the role of a digital sales assistant is a little bit different. It looks something like the following.

​The Assistant Creates a Marketing Platform for You

Your sales assistant is most helpful in this capacity, especially if you feel completely lost about creating an online presence for your business or you are not sure how to promote your products for sale. The assistant can also help develop ways to get customers to visit your business's website, often using backlinks and social media. Speaking of social media, the assistant can also manage all of the usual social media sites for you so that you do not have to update them daily on your own.

The Assistant Can Take and Process Orders

​Once your business really begins taking off, the assistant can take and process orders. This is especially helpful around the holidays when your orders may double, triple, quadruple, etc.! Then you will have an extra body and an extra set of hands and eyes helping you get the orders out in a timely fashion, which might not otherwise happen if it is just you attempting to fill orders on your own.

​The Assistant Can Track and Catalog Inventory as It Comes and Goes and Manage Financial Accounts

​Inventory is a big part of what your business is about. Being able to keep accurate records of what you have on hand, what is being shipped, what is about to be shipped, and what you need to reorder from the parent company to keep in stock for customers is key. Your assistant can manage all of the above for you. Additionally, many digital sales assistants for home sales have taken some accounting classes, which will help you keep better financial records as well. Incoming and outgoing payments and payments due are the biggest aspects of this particular person's job.