Three Tips for Hosting a Memorable Client Event

Posted on: 10 October 2016


One of the most effective ways to connect with your clients is to host a fabulous client-entertainment event. Client events let you connect with clients on a personal level and allow you to cultivate relationships that can lead to return business, personal recommendations, and an increase in sales. Stick to these tips to host an amazing experience for your clients.

1. Make the Invitation Stand Out

It is highly likely that your clients receive a lot of mail each day. Don't let your invitation wind up in the recycling bin. Instead, opt for custom invitations that grab your client's attention.

Make the invitation into a game. Word searches, crossword puzzles, and iSpy puzzles are a few engaging options.

Another alternative is a 3D invitation. Stick with a shape that goes along with the event; for example, if you are inviting your clients to a ball game, select a 3D invite that looks like a baseball. 

2. Consider Involving the Client's Family Members

Your clients all lead extremely busy lives, making time with their family members a scarce resource. Don't ask clients to give up their family time; instead, involve families in the event.

Many sporting events hold family night, a family-friendly night that usually has activities for children, such as inflatables or small carnival rides.

Another possibility is to rent a gaming truck. Video games are loved by people of all ages. Your clients will enjoy getting to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy with their children.

Host a BBQ with a variety of tasty dishes. Keep the kids happy by holding fun competitions, such as relay races or building events. Hand out fun prices to the winners and participants; make sure everyone gets some type of prize to take home so that there are no hurt feelings.

3. Save the Sales Pitch for Another Day

The goal of your client events isn't to trap clients into listening to yet another sales pitch. They know you want to sell them something; don't interfere with their fun by bringing up your products or services every few minutes.

Instead, make the objective of the event to build stronger relationships with your clients so that they want to do business with you. Let them leave with amazing memories from the event so that they see you as someone they want to interact with.

Client events are a valuable way to enhance your existing business relationships and even build a few new ones. Make your client event stand out by following these guidelines for an extraordinary outing.