Online Scams: How To Keep Your Home-Based Business Leads Safe From Hacking

Posted on: 24 April 2015


If you recently started a home-based business and want to bring in new leads, you may take advantage of social media sites to do so. Although social media is excellent for finding new prospects, it's also ways for online scammers to find you. It's a good idea that you work with a marketing specialist to generate home-based business leads for your company by building an email marketing account. You receive new business, and your clients obtain new products and services. Here are things you need to know about online scammers and how a service provider keeps your home-based business clients safe from them.

How Do Scammers Get Your Clients' Data?

Online scammers take advantage of your business to find new targets when they visit your social media pages, request information about your business, and pretend to show interest in your business. The scammers do all of these things to find out if your company is worth the trouble. If the scammers like what you do, they visit your company's site and run various programs to decode your clients' information.  

Both new and old clients receive fake emails in their inboxes and phone calls that phish for money or phony investments. Some clients may think it's you contacting them because the scammers use your company's name when they approach your clients. Your reputation is at risk for not protecting your clients, even though it's not your fault.

How Does a Lead Service Provider Protect Your Business and Clients?

Instead of sending new clients directly to your business site once the lead service provider finds them for you, the company sets up an encrypted, well-designed marketing site that only requests the clients' email addresses, names and reasons for contacting you. In addition, you receive your new clients' requests directly to a special email account set up just for you.

Your email account comes with different features that allow you to respond back to the clients with brochures, newsletters and many other forms of communication about your company. Because your email account is encrypted, scammers can't hack into it or reroute your clients' information to another location.

You can make changes to your main business site to help protect clients once you obtain their business. One of the best ways to do so is to contact your lead marketing provider and request information about adding a new, encrypted landing page to your website. Also, consider using other means of marketing, such as phone verified leads, to increase your business. The marketing company can help you choose the right customer service option for this service.