Tips For Creating The Best Trade Show Display Design

Posted on: 20 April 2015


Putting together the best display for representing your products or services is essential to successful exposure at trade show events. Attracting passing trade show visitors is easier with an eye-catching, unique display. However, if you wonder how you can save time and money while visiting and setting up at trade shows, finding out more about complete display systems can be helpful.

The Power Of Unique Design

Trade shows can attract many visitors, so putting up the display that will be tempting to the majority of them is important. Using a vibrant display design that effectively represents your business can make a huge impact on passing visitors. The design that is more alive is the one people will not only find attractive, but will also be the one people remember the most after the trade show is over.

For example, if you own a company that makes lightning rods, making sure you have and image of one being struck by lightning in your display can send a powerful message to people interested in lightning rods. Some complete display systems include options for creating light and sound effects, so keeping that in mind while considering your display design is a good idea.

Three Dimensional Back Walls Can Make An Impact

The back wall of your display can create an astounding effect on people walking by your display, especially if it appears as though you could walk into it. In order for your display to provide a memorable experience for trade show visitors, you will need to create a back wall that is best for supporting your products or services while also being the main support for the rest of your display theme. Some truss displays, like those found at, are versatile and give you many options for height and width adjustments, making it easier to include design changes as well.

Color Speaks Loudly In Your Advertising

Color can greatly enhance the appeal of your trade show display. At the same time, color can also be overwhelming, especially if there are many colors in a small area. When designing your display, choosing three basic colors that are best for representing your logo and your products or services is essential for experiencing the most effective benefits of unique design. Too many colors create a chaotic, busy environment that reduces the attention you need on your products or services.

Many companies look forward to visiting trade shows every year for the exposure they provide. Trade shows provide a great way to promote the products and services your business offers, so making sure you take advantage of the advertising opportunity starts with you having the display that makes the most impact.