3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Aerial Ads

Posted on: 12 March 2015


You don't actually see a lot of aerial ads these days. This is because most people don't even think of them when they are planning an advertising campaign. However, if you don't consider this type of advertisement, then you are wasting a potential way to make an indelible impression on a potential customer. This means that you are missing out on a way to generate revenue. In order to optimize your advertising strategy, you need to make sure that you consider all forms of customer engagement. Here are three reasons why you should seriously think about trying aerial ads.

1. They Leave a HUGE Impression

People are going to look up and take notice of a large banner that is flying from an aircraft. It doesn't matter if they're not interested in whatever it is you're trying to sell. They're going to look up and point out the ad to whoever they are with. Aerial ads are novelties and people like to draw other people's attention to novelties because they want to share their interest. Even if you're just going to get several people furiously debating whether or not the aircraft is a drone or is actually flow by a real person, people are going to look at your ad and talk about it. This will almost certainly net you new customers.

2. They Don't Require a Lot of Effort on the Part of Your Advertising Team

If you're not sure about aerial ads but want to give them a try, you can do it practically risk free. Aerial ads are fairly cheap, especially with fuel prices currently being as low as they are. You don't even have to interrupt your ad team's other efforts because the only thing you need from your team is a slogan and possibly an image. Once you have something to say on the advertisement and have decided if you want an image, you just need to give that information to an aerial advertising company and they take care of the rest.

3. They Might Be Able to Help You Go Viral

This third reason is entirely dependent on how clever your advertising team is. If they are clever and are able to think up a particularly funny thing to say on your aerial ad, there's a strong likelihood that people will take pictures of your ad and post it on the Internet. If you have faith in your creative team, aerial advertising is definitely the way to go to get noticed.

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